Terry and Tina Lanham

Senior Pastors

Terry and Tina Lanham

Terry and Tina Lanham were ordained into the ministry in 1988. Terry spent 5 years as youth pastor and 7 years as the associate pastor. They were ordained as Senior Pastor in 2000. Terry and Tina are life long residents of Pittsburg County (Longtown Area). They both graduated from Canadian High School and married after college. They have raised four daughters in McAlester. They value their family and enjoy spending time with them--Jesse, Rachel, granddaughter Grace Samuel, Jordan Lanham, Sarah Lanham, and Rebecca Lanham.

This is their home and they have a desire to bless the McAlester area and all of Pittsburg County through ministry. Terry enjoys hunting, fishing, and watching old westerns while Tina also enjoys fishing, boating, and watching "Murder She Wrote."

What's your motivation?

Terry and Tina Lanham: Their desire is to see people saved, changed, healed, delivered, and redeemed by grace and power of Jesus Christ.

What do you like about the Living Word?

Terry and Tina Lanham: True family atmosphere of Living Word Church and the spiritual freedom to preach the Word.