Crys Wingo

Praise and Worship Leader

Crys Wingo

Crys Wingo felt God leading her back to McAlester back in 1989. She serves as backup Praise and Worship Leader back in 1992. She took over as Praise and Worship Leader in 1997. She has served as Praise and Worship Leader for past 17 years. She is a graduate of International School of Ministry (ISOM). Some of her responsibilities include: preparing and performing holiday music, leading congregation in praise and worship for Sunday and Wednesday, and helping with music during Vacation Bible School.

What's your motivation?

Crys Wingo: "I love to sing God's praises! My desire is to see his children worshipping in his presence. I love God, his people, and music!"

What do you like about the Living Word?

Crys Wingo: "I love the teaching of the Word, the freedom to move in the Spirit, and the life of God found here!"