Love In Action

Leader: Frank and Bernice Denike

Love In Action

Fall of 2008-Members of the Living Word Church decided to seriously pray for our community. Member were encouraged to drive different streets when coming to church and pray.

Spring of 2009-Members started taking an hour on Sunday mornings to walk the community and visit with our neighbors. Member's hopes were to reach them where they were at and let them know they were there. For the past six years, Living Word has hosted a community picnic. Every house and church receives a personal invitation. Neighbors have the opportunity to visit and get to know one another while the children play with inflatables.

Fall of 2010-Our prayer group takes one night a week to drive around the community. Every Tuesday night, we are out driving by homes, churches, and a school. We realize not everyone is able to come out, so we've extended the invitation for them to take some time during 7-8pm to pray. We have been noticing that crime is dropping in our neighborhood. Many of the run down houses are being fixed up; abandoned houses that could not be restored have been torn down and replaced with new homes. There seems to be more children in the neighborhood and the atmosphere is more positive. There is no better place than in the community that God has placed us in and no better time than now.

  May 2021  
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