“Christ In Us”

Given by Dale Begley


I have declared from the Heavens, saith the Lord, that you be born in this time. For this is the time for my Church to shine not come behind. The trouble in the Earth is real, but I ask you to stand and be strong. Display my Glory for I take you home. For the world needs to see your strength and me in you. So the will of God must continue to pursue. For the world is on fire with the spirit of antichrist. This you know. But it shall not bother you cuz you’re covered from head to toe. The glory in you that I placed shall begin to shine out your natural face. And the world will see they’re, they’re saved. They’re, they’re saved. They’re, they’re saved. They’ll soon know and soon see that the Father above with all his grandeur and all his love shall descend from Heaven, but the Glory that’s never been seen. And the world will know and understand and many will turn Him down and not take his outreached hand, but you, you have already received and shall shed it abroad. Oh, so rejoice and be glad, says the Lord of Hosts for you shall see the outpouring of the Holy Ghost.