September 25, 2022 Dale Begley


“Sin Is Not Imputed Unto Us”

Given by Dale Begley


Ye, I place such a value on my Word. I desire for you to place value on my Word. Meditate day and night that thou may observe to do. Thou shalt make thy way prosperous. And what is mine shall become yours. Ye meditate. Speak it. Mutter it. Confess it. Write it down. Live it. And you shall be like a tree that draws water from the river of Life. And in time of crises and problems, you’ve got the answer. And you shall bear fruit and it’s not your fruit it’s My fruit. In a barren, dry, cursed Earth, a society that’s failing needs to see the manifestation of My love, and My joy and My peace, and My longsuffering. They need to see the Salt, the Light, the Preservative. For I have placed you here for such a time. For such a time, the world has never seen. You shall see My hand manifest. But to my people it shall manifest. As the Word in you become One, saith God.  



So this is a divine hour. A divine hour to go behind the veil into my very presence. I said in my Word, be ye holy. You say how can that be? Be ye pure as I am pure. How can that be? It’s not of yourself. It is the gift of God. For when you shall receive Christ as your Savior it wasn’t just to forgive your sin. But it was to elevate you and bring you up and bring you up. And put you in the family of God. That you might be an heir of Christ and a joint heir with me. So ye look into the Word and see what I have to say. And it shall change you each and everyday.