Terry Lanham


I’ve been declaring for the full manifestation of the Holy Ghost be present in this congregation. How are you declaring it, Brother Terry? I’m declaring it with his Word. It’s not my words it’s His words. But they’re in my heart and I am speaking them with my mouth. That our sons and daughters would prophesy. That old men and young men would have dreams and visions. ON the handmaidens, the Spirit would be poured out upon them. He would teach us, lead us, show us things to come. Bring things to our remembrance whatsoever he said to us. That we would hear the Shepherd’s voice and we would know it distinctly, clearly, articulately, precise, the Shepherd’s voice.  And a stranger we just will not follow. Hallelujah. Glory to God.
That the ministry of reconciliation and the ambassadorship that we have been granted would begin to come to fruition in every one’s life who so desires. That as the night get darker, the light that’s in us gets brighter. So that all can see the Glorious light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.