July 3, 2022 Dale Begley 2nd


“Absorbing the Grace”

Given by Dale Begley 2nd one


Waves of Glory are coming in. This is not the end, but the beginning of the end. Today the Lord would speak on absorbing the Grace. This Glory shines out the Father’s face. It’s always been, said the Lord of Hosts my tenderness of the Holy Ghost. It’s the goodness of God that cause men to repent. It’s my goodness. It’s my goodness of Grace. How would you describe grace? Grace is your total dependence on your seed not yourself. Grace is divine ability flowing through you beyond your ability. Humans can only go so far, but you’re not only human, saith the Lord. For I have put in you some divine connections, divine inheritance. For you see what’s in you is me. The faith you have not your faith, my Faith. Your love in you not your love, my Love.   The God-Kind of Love. The God-Kind of faith. The God-Kind of patience. Why? So you can finish your race with Glory. And my Son will receive all the Glory. Cuz it’s not about you. It’s about you choosing Jesus for you. All the Glory. All the Honor goes to the Son. For enjoy your salvation. It’s just begun.