“Absorbing the Grace”

Given by Dale Begley


For thou art the Rock of Ages, we should give Him praises to the Rock of Ages. For this is the day of grace. Absorb the grace to be a blessing to the human race. For inside the grace is righteousness, blessing, wholeness.  And the world needs to see Christ inside of thee. So walk the walk and talk the talk and shine the light and your future will be glorious and bright. And the path gets brighter and brighter as the days ahead. But by your spirit you must be led. As the Spirit energy flows through thee, it’ll set the captive free. Live on the energy of the resurrection, saith the Lord of Hosts. But my Word I said, it took the same power to raise you as it took to raise Christ from the dead. Be strengthened by that Spirit. Absorb the energy that grace has provided and you shall not just survive but revive. And cause those around you to come alive.