“The Power of God”

Given by Jody Cagle


For You are the Way. And You are the Truth and You are the Life. For your Glory is here today so rest in it. Desire it. Go forward to reach it. And I shall fill you to overflowing, saith the Lord of Hosts. Overflowing, overflowing, overflowing.  Not just full, but overflowing shall I take you where you want to go. And where I have planned for you. So rest in me. Speak my Name and speak my Word. And it shall come nigh thee. And it shall come to thee. And it shall unfold before thee. And it shall surely come to pass for thee. So rise up, rise up, rise up for my Glory is in this place. And my Glory shall fill your place. And my Glory shall take you to another place. And you shall rise higher with me, says the Lord. You shall go farther with me, saith the Lord. And you will achieve greater things, saith the Lord. So don’t be stagnant. Don’t be sit back and watching. And be a be a participator and long for my Glory and long for my Touch. Long for my leading, long for my Spirit. Oh He shall come and He shall overtake thee. And He shall go with thee wherever you go, saith the Lord of Hosts.