“The Importance of a Spirit Led Life”

Given by Larry Brown


I see the praise of my people. I see the needs in your hand and know my children you’re dear to me. I have it all worked out in my plan. So do not be, do not be dismayed. Do not be, do not be afraid. Keep your eyes. Your eyes on me. I’m the God of your victory. I care for you. I stand for you. My eyes are lovely watching over you. So do not be weary or afraid. Do not my children be dismayed. I stand at your side. In you, I do abide and I have it all worked out. Look to me have no fear or doubt. I’m your God. You’re in my Hand. The precious sheep in my plan. I gave my Life. I died for you, so I will perfect that which concerns you, and you, and you, and you. So do not grow weary. Do not be dismayed. I am the God I am your Aid. I am the Strong Hand. I am the Mighty One. Remember what I’ve already done. Remember what I’ve already done. What I’ve done. What I’ve done. What I’ve done. For I gave my Life, my Life for you. How much more with it will I give you all things you need to do in my will and in my plan. So hold firmly to my hand. Hold firmly with the hand of faith as I extend my Hand of Grace. I’m reaching down. Reach up. I’m reaching down. So reach up in your heart and receive all I desire to impart and even today can be a fresh, new start. If a fresh, new start is what you need. For I’m the God who sees your every need. And I’m the God who loves you. I love you. I love you.  I love. And there are blessings indeed for every need but you must receive with the hand of faith. So do not grow weary in your well doing. Keep your eyes on me. Yes my Will, my Way. Keep on pursuing. And you shall see all comings. Come into line. You shall see all come in line in my perfect time. Just keep in step with me. Keep your pace with me. Keep your pace in your Christian race. You don’t have to do it by your own strength. I give you grace. I give you grace. I give you grace for each individual’s Christian race. So keep your eyes on me. Humbly looking to my face and you receive even more grace. For the place your in now and the place I’m moving you too, says the Living God who loves and perfects that which concerns you.