“Humility Keys To Success”

Given by Dale Begley


Yea. Shall this year rain laughter or tears? Yea. To those that are complacent sorrow and fear. But those that hold the Word precious, precious and dear, shall be delivered from all worldly fear and be filled with Holy Ghost cheer. For this is a great year of anticipation, said the Lord of Hosts. It’s a great year in the Lord to boast. So stand up. Stand your ground and watch me turn this thing around. You shall see glory. It will be my story, filled with glory proclaim from the highest realm. The glory shall trickle down as mist and rain. And you’ll never ever be the same. Your face shall shine, in my Kingdom you will not come behind. For I am tired and disgusted with the evil one that will not change. So I’m raising up an army that will proclaim victory in Jesus name. You shall see changes in the financial realm, changes in the political realm, changes in the social realm. You’ve seen the devil and his hand, but now watch. As I unfold my plan. I’ve held secret before the foundation of the world. Do not, do not think you’ve seen it all. For I have unmeasurable amount of grace to call. So stand in my presence which is good, but now you’ll see my goodness as you should.