January 23, 2022 Dale Begley


“Power and Authority”

Given by Dale Begley


In the year of 2022, sit back and watch and see what I will do. For as you observe also to do, the power of God shall flow through you. A new level, a new level has come to pass. It shall be glorious and such a blast. For you see, behind you is already gone. Now through you, I’ll sing the victory song until I ring the bell and bring you home. So follow the Holy Ghost on Him focus and see, the power of God saw explode in thee. You’ve heard it said days of old but I say in this day, in this day ask me nothing but whatever you ask the Father in my name, He’ll give it to you. Cuz you and I are the same. So in the glory and that victory reach out and claim and you’ll never ever be the same.