February 19, 2023 Dale Begley


“Gift of Righteousness”

Given by Dale Begley


Choose to dwell in the light. Walk in the light. For it is, it is right. And your path shall become brighter and brighter, as the day dawns. And you shall walk in the strength and the glory thereof cuz your strength comes not from the Earth, but from above. Bright, bright, bright. This is the light, Christ gospel light. Greater revelation, greater light. Choose to stand in the right light. Righteousness, righteousness of me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Now allow it to be reveal to you by the Holy Ghost. Right light, right light which is right shall illuminate, shall illuminate, justification, sanctification and soon glorification. This light shall get greater and brighter and greater and brighter until the trump shall sound. And all shall leave the ground. Lift up your head, said the Lord of Hosts. For the Eternal Christ is even at the door, saith the Holy Ghost.


The Kingdom of God is within. Train yourself not to focus on sin. Train yourself to focus on the Kingdom within. For the power therein doeth abide to cause you to rise up, rise up and Glory shall flow out your cup. Cup to a well, to a well it shall flow out of your well giving you the power to conquer all the attacks of hell. Then then it shall come a river, rivers of living waters shall flow and you’ll learn things that you don’t know. Multifacet. For God is intelligent this you need to see and the power of God will always be of Him and not of thee. So listen today what He has to say and your day shall get brighter and brighter as you go, saith the Lord.