Given by Terry Lanham


I want everyone to listen to what I’m about to say. Everybody pay attention to what I’m about to say. Hallelujah. God wants the love that He expressed by sending Jesus Christ, his Son into this Earth. He wants that love to flow through you and I. Here’s what He’s saying. He didn’t come to condemn the world. John 3 says that the condemnation is on anyone who doesn’t believe in the name of Jesus. That’s the condemnation. He doesn’t want his church focused on condemnation. He wants us focused on mercy. He doesn’t want his people focused on judgment. He wants us focused on grace, mercy, understanding. Hallelujah. He wants to live so large in us. He wants his love to shine through us. He wants, He wants the grace and the mercy that he’s bestowed upon us. He wants us to bestow that on others. Now’s not the time to judge and now’s not the time to condemn. That’s not our role that’s not our job. Look at what He’s done for us. Hallelujah. Look what he’s done for us. Now I can say this about my old man, my old man was probably the sorriest, sorriest man in the room. You can probably say the same thing about yourself. But look at what He’s done. Look at what he’s done. Jeff, all I had to do was say yes. All I had to say was I believe. And he started me on a journey and a path that I’m still on. Hallelujah. I love Him today. I love Him today. And He loves us. He said this if you do these things, I’ll make you. He’s talking about this church, everyone here this morning. You’re not here by accident or mistake. We’re all here. He said if we’ll do this he’ll make us fishers of men. What that means is what God’s done for us we can share that gift with others. Hallelujah. Glory to God. God wants that love that He’s bestowed upon us. He wants us to flow in that to think that Way. If we’re not thinking this way we’ve got to change our thinking. Get out from underneath the old law. Get out from underneath judgment and punishment. Get out from underneath, the thumb. The thumb of sin and break free, in Jesus name. Oh Hallelujah. Now I’m gonna say something. Just wrap your head around it. You need to just fall in love with Jesus and quit trying so hard to be good. What are you saying Brother Terry? You can’t do it in your own strength and your own might. You’re setting yourself up for failure, if you think you can do it on your own. That’s what’s so special about having a relationship with our Creator. He does the work, we get the benefit. All we have to do is believe. Let that light that’s on the inside of you. There ain’t a person in here this morning that doesn’t have that light in you. That lights in us. Let that light shine. Let it shine like Jesus let it shine when he walked this Earth. Glory to God. My, my, my. What I just said if we’ll do will absolutely change our lives. It’ll change the way our homes feel and functions. It’ll change the way this church feels and functions. It’ll change this block, it’ll change this city. It’ll change your circle of friends and relatives and people that you have contact with. It’ll change. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Now He said this, and He had to say it to me twice. How can I forgive you if you don’t forgive others. He’s sharing these thoughts with me and He says so now. Can’t you understand? Can’t you se that how can, how can I forgive you if you hold ought against anyone else? And I said, Father if I hold ought against anyone else please forgive me. And I, I’m not consciously aware of it but if anything is there I turn it loose in the name of Jesus. I’m just not going to. I’m just not going to do that. And if there’s any persecution that might come and knock on our door. The Word said it’s not coming for your sake, it’s coming for the Word’s sake. Hallelujah. My, my, my. Thank you Jesus.