“Recovering All”


God has a burden on his heart. And the burden’s not changed, it’s for his people. When his people come together and begin to praise him and worship him, it’s the sound of many waters that begin to roar and lift up his glory, lift his name. He loves us Church. He loves you. He’s got his church on his mind. And everything that he’s done, he’s done for his church. He says this to go ahead and sow. Go ahead and reap. Go ahead and sow and go ahead and reap. And do the things that you must do. But I tell ya to look up. I tell ya to watch. I tell ya to pray. I tell ya to be ready. For the way that Christ left is the way that he will return and his return is soon. So prepare your house and get it in order. Sow and reap and live and do the things that you do. But watch and watch and watch and watch. For I’m anxious for my harvest. Oh and I see my harvest is ripening. Oh prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare. Great will be that day and that day is coming soon. He says, my Spirit is covering this Earth and my Spirit is dealing and moving and working with people to the four corners of this Earth. Oh they’re listening. And they’re listening and they’re listening. My Spirit is at work. My Spirit is moving. Work with my Spirit, says the Lord. Move with my Spirit, says the Lord. Move with my Spirit, says God. Oh my harvest, my harvest, my harvest, my harvest.

  October 2020  
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