“Hold Fast To What You Have”

Given by: Gary Hennenfent


So it seems as though in times past, you experienced the goodness of God and there was this opportunity and there was that opportunity. Almost seeming as if that is the end of his goodness, but God would say, there is more of my goodness for you to experience. There’s more opportunity for you to take hold of. There’s more ahead for you to come in contact with. There’s more of my provision available and waiting for you. So as you move into this new time and to this new season, there will be this new provision that though you have thought there was a certain provision available, they’ll be another level of provision that you’ll come in contact with, saith the Lord.


So it’ll seem as though on the left, you’ll be saying ha ha ha and it’ll seem as though on the right, you’ll be saying ha ha ha for this looks impossible and that looks impossible, but for with God all things are possible. So go forward with your faith and with your heart, turn towards me saith the Lord and you’ll see those things that though you even dreamed of will become a reality, saith the Lord.

  October 2020  
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