“Prayer” by Jonathan Boggs

Word given by Max Boggs


The Holy Spirit just saying, settle down into God. Settle down into him. Just like you’d settle down into a big comfortable chair in front of your fireplace and just enjoy that comfort and presence of God. And he said, as you settle down into him, his peace will settle down into you. And there’s somebody here this morning this is really for your unsettled in your mind and just let the peace of God settle into your heart, your mind right now. You do that by settling into him. His love is absolute for you this morning, absolute total.


And here it says you are the salt of the Earth. I’m gonna tell you this; if the Kingdom of God was not on this Earth, there’d be absolutely no flavor in life. You enhance the flavor of living. You do, your walk, your faith, your righteousness which is in Christ. Your way of being, your way of doing in Christ, It flavors life. I tell you I believe if the Kingdom of God weren’t here, this place would self-destruct very quickly, very quickly. Why? There’s no use in life, no fun in life, no goodness in life, nothing to look forward to in life or living. You are the salt of the Earth.


If the salt loses its flavor, what purpose does it have? You’re the salt of the Earth. Don’t lose your flavor…Live by Kingdom principles. Your way of life is different than the world’s way of life. You flavor life for the world. You give hope for life to the world.

  October 2020  
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