I am the Head, but you are the body. The body is its strongest and functions in its perfection when every joint supplies that which I have given it. I tell ya to operate and to function and to move in me, says the Lord. I’ll supply you. I’ll strengthen you, but work together. Bind together. Flow together in the Spirit, says the Lord. Oh what you find your hands put it to that. I’ll bless it. I’ll anoint it. I’ll cause it to multiply, says the Lord. I’m the Head, you’re my body. Begin to flow and function. Every joints necessary, every bones necessary, every muscle, every tendon, every part is necessary. I never asked, I never asked that one do it all. Or two do it all, or three do it all. But you’re the body. Oh and you work and you move and you flow and you function. Great things you can accomplish. Let me be the Head. You be the Body. Great things, you can accomplish.

  October 2020  
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