“Manifesting God’s Glory”


There’s not a shortage of provision, says the Lord. There’s not a shortage. I created this Earth to sustain you and why look at the stream that you’re in. Look toward the head waters, says the Lord. I am the Head Water. I am the source from which it flows. Quit looking at previous experiences. Don’t be jaded by that. Don’t let your lack of faith or your thinking cause you to resist change in the flow. As you cast your bread upon the water didn’t I say that it would return wave, upon wave, upon wave. So quit looking here and quit looking there and thinking this and thinking that. I ask you to look to the head water from which it all flows. Renew your mind and renew your thinking. Release your faith concerning this, says the Lord. Oh and I’ll show you ways and show you blessing that’ll come from places and directions that you never imagined, because I am your God. And I am the Head Water.

  October 2020  
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